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Extreme right-wing slogans on the wall of the former concentration camp Mauthausen

We take the graffiti on the wall of the former concentration camp and the cemetery of Mauthausen very seriously and are shaken by the expression of racist aggression. A rather extreme lubricating action at a memorial is a problem that affects all people in Austria and must be publicly recognized as such and discussed. A statement by the Ministry of the Interior to the graffiti appeared only after several days late and in response to public and media pressure. A day later, a swastika was discovered at the cemetery of Mauthausen on a grave stone. It is the grave of a girl with a Turkish name who died in 1976.

Once again, it has been attempted to brush the problem under the carpet, or just to cover it in this concrete case. The priority of the Minister of the Interior is the identification of the perpetrators. Our priority is a social climate and policy that does not prepare the ground for neo-Nazis. Racism is not a phenomenon that can be reduced to the extreme right.

We will continue to work together with the visitors at Mauthausen Memorial and discuss about our own and the official dealing with today’s racism and right-wing extremism.